The SUSI Experience

By Kenia Obando Flores, Nicaragua


The first two days in the SUSI Program in Missoula have been great. We have had the opportunity to meet really interesting people and learn about their cultures as well. But most importantly, we have had the chance to get deeper understanding of the U.S. culture and society.

This has been a great opportunity for breaking or consolidating assumptions we had about the U.S. and its people. We have learned about new approaches that have been made in the curriculum in order to incorporate the teaching of History from a different and more meaningful perspective. Also, we have learned about the ideology on which the U.S. was built as a nation, and what each one of these ideas represent for its people.

One of my favorite lectures was the one about American Cultural Values by Dr. Shearer because he provided us with deeper insight of the different perspectives in which values and culture can be manifested in the same nation, and how these differences contribute to developing critical thinking and a sense of community in the society.

Finaly, it was really interesting to share and compare our own points of view about the press from our home countries and the U.S. and realize that there are many similarities, but at the same time many challenges we all have if we want to acknowledge the power the press has to change lives.

I am really sure this has been a very enriching experience for all of us, and that we keep learning and sharing about the U.S. culture and our own.


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