My little tidbits about my first week in Missoula

By Nadia Crusnevschi, Moldova


After spending my first week in Missoula I realized that I will not be able to fully express all the impressions and feelings about my experience here with anyone back home. It’s just impossible to convey all the nuances of Montana life, describe everything around me. But I have some little precious things I would like to share.


Mountains are huge and amazing here, a really incredible sight. They kindled a fire and welcomed us all to have a tasty chat, admire the landscape, and made us zip line enthusiasts.


This building is absolutely fantastic. We had a week of sessions there. The professors’ presentations got us very fascinated. Everything was very knowledgeable, fun, open and engaging and makes my experience one to remember. Thank you!


Grizzly– such a weird and fear inspiring word but you can see it everywhere in Missoula, the names of the stores, restaurants, T-shirts, etc. It is the nickname of the university’s athletic teams, the Grizzlies, which comes from grizzly bears. It gives me the feeling of a unique, strong and successful city.


The squirrels are the cutest what I saw here. They are so friendly and you can see them everywhere in the campus, playing together or just being curious who stepped on their land.

Smiling people

I think everybody will agree that smiling faces make you feel happy, safe, relaxed and welcome. This is what I felt meeting people here. Thank you for being so kind with us foreigners. It really helps us feel home.

And of course my dear fellow scholars

It is worth mentioning my new friends who teach me so many things about the world they come from. Each of you is precious for me, because you brought with yourselves the heart of your country to share with others. I will treasure this experience forever in my life and never forget you. Thank you all for being so kind, friendly and helpful!

I’m having a wonderful time exploring the American culture and the other ones of my new friends. I am drinking this experience just like coffee in the morning. It’s delicious!


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