Lovely Moments During My Homestay!

By Mukadas Tashieva, Kyrgyzstan


After the visiting Montana Museum in Helena, where SUSI participants could learn about Native Americans lifestyle, we had a chance to live together with American families in their cosy houses on the weekends. Within the two days I could successfully entegrated into American Culture, where host family offered a support and warm welcome for us. Our host parents, Brett , Amy, and their adorable daughter Maya, of course, unfogettable Mel(their cute cat) met me and Vatosoa with great pleasure, they were amiable in everything starting from the first day of our meeting, because they respect our wishes, always tried to find something interesting to us and they could do it. For example, we could have and cook together American burgers, Rhubarb pie and S’mores, which is enlarged my cooking skills. Moreover, we did crazy shopping together with our lovely host mama Amy.

On the second day , we had a chance to discover American history visiting «Garnet Ghost Town», where I learnt about miners life from 1860-1940. The main thing that impressed me that this town still has its own historical value where many visitors and tourists come from different parts of the world. We were one of them and we definetly will share about this interesting place in our home country.

Homestay advantages from SUSI 2016 scholars:

§ family relations

§ a private bedroom,

§ a welcoming home atmosphere,

§ human interaction and connection,

§ rich cultural opportunities,

§ independence and freedom

§ culture divercity

Feedback from SUSI 2016 participants:

Kristina and Khannie: «We could ride a horse for the first time!!», «Love was in the air!»

Nadina and Keniya: «Environment protectors», «Great woman for a random kindness!»

Ana and Nadya: «Independent children».



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