By Ana Martin, Panama


Yellowstone is the first National Park in United States, located between Montana and Idaho, and it has a variety of species like grizzly bears, wolves, bison and elks; is also very popular because of its geysers and hot springs.

During our first day in the park we visited Lamar Valley to observe part of the wildlife, when we took a lot of pictures of bison and deer, and we also saw how they interact with the environment. I was surprised because the visitors respect the distance between them and the wild animals, and they did not interfere with their natural habitat.

We also visited Norris Geyser Basin, with many impressive geysers showing volcanic activity and colorful hot springs, containing thousands of cyanobacterias changing the water colors.

Our last stop on the first day was in the Grand Canyon, with a lot of amazing views to the Yellowstone River Falls, from which it takes its historical name, admiring the different geological shapes around the falls. An interesting fact from this stop was that several American citizens enjoy this place with their families; a lot of kids were playing around the park area and they share this experience with their parents. A lot of Asians also visited the Grand Canyon, where Americans seem to be very respectful with foreign people, demonstrating that they accept and integrate the multicultural visitors that the park has.

This experience helps me to reflect about conservation of wildlife and natural resources, and I really admire how American citizens take care of their natural resources and how they make conscience about conservation. Thanks to this they have been preserving this national natural wonder, making it one of the most beautiful parks around the world.


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