By Maikutlo Khannie Sikuku, Botswana


I don’t even know how to start after such an overwhelming experience of kindness from Deena and Brian Mansour as well as their children Jason and Alex! Well, before I I go on to share about this, it is worth explaining that Christmas where I come from is celebrated in mid summer! This is usually a hot day characterized by choir festivals, football tournaments and slaughtering of goats! So when Deena announced that one of us has expressed the wish to experience Christmas in the U.S. I thought “I hope she’s not a mind reader and reading mine!” But when she announced that her daughter Alex has in response to the participants wish, suggested they cook Christmas dinner and invite all the participants, I just couldn’t believe it! Well, this confirmed my overall impressions of Americans! They are just too kind! Just last week we had families hosting us for a whole weekend! All the participants loved it! Paul and Mikel’s family were just marvelous! People on the street are always kind, they are always willing to help! Now this! A family willing to let us have a feel of Christmas in the US, in June!

Well we definitely experienced Christmas in the US! The house was decorated in Christmas decorations! The food was delicious! What can Christmas be without turkey? Well, at least I know that part from TV! Chili, ham, pumpkin pie and of course turkey added to the splendid decorations! This was real Christmas! A Christmas tree right there in the middle of the house melted my heart and made me feel that indeed I’m in America! The participants also had a chance to decorate ginger biscuits! Each us even got a present in the form of Santa’s socks full of goodies! However, we were made aware that the real Christmas for Americans means snow and indoor activities, which made me even more grateful that I had my Christmas in summer,

To Deena and Brian we are thankful! Thank you Alex and your friends Ada! personally would like to bring US Christmas back to Botswana and promise to send you pictures of my decorated home, which will be the first for me!

The pictures will tell a better story than I did!


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